A hot and steamy place around the volcano's. Prey is scare and hard to find


  • Leader:
  • Flickerstar- Bluish gray she-cat. Blue eyes. Rped by Dawn

  • Deputy:Snowheart-white she-cat with green eyes.RPed by winx

  • Medicine Cat:

  • Medicine cat apprentice:

  • Warriors:

Magmatail - Ginger tabby with a scorched and ragged tail. Rped by Moss

Lavaclaw -Red she-cat with blue eyes.RPed by winx.

  • Apprentices:

Blazepaw - Orange fluffy tom. Roleplayer: Night

Diamondpaw - Pretty gray and white she-cat with AMAZING blue eyes. (CROWW)

Foxpaw -Red tabby tom with brown eyes.Rped by winx.

  • Kits:

  • Queens:

  • Elders:



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